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Thanksgiving Day – CLOSED

We’re only closed two days each year, and Thanksgiving is one of them! We’re not the soppy sort around here so all we’ll say is safe travels to those who are hitting the road this Thanksgiving and we hope everyone has a great holiday. When you wake up on Friday sick to death of turkey and stuffing […]

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Mr Katz’s Rock and Rye Whisky

Mr Katz’s Rock & Rye – Whisky of the Week A spoonful of sugar does indeed help the medicine go down … especially if you’re adding rock candy to spicy rye whisky with a touch of citrus and herbs and voila! You’ve got rock n rye. This “medicinal” concoction was historically available from your local […]

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Whiskey of the Week – Teeling Small Batch

There’s more to Irish whiskey than Jameson, Bushmill’s and Power’s. Craft distilleries in Ireland are producing unique whiskey, using traditional methods with a twist. This week’s gold medal whiskey is blended from casks hand selected by the master distiller and then aged in ex-rum barrels, different from the more common sherry or bourbon casks used […]

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