Back by popular demand – free beer!

Well of course it’s popular – it’s a free beer after all!

And as always, with anything that’s free, there’s bound to be some fine print, and here it is …

* The free pint of beer comes with your order of fish & chips every Tuesday starting May 30 and running all through the month of June
* Tuesdays only
* The free pint is a 16 oz draft pint
* One free pint of beer per order of fish & chips; feel free to enjoy a second pint with your fish & chips but you’ll have to pay for that one!
* The Game of Thrones beer is NOT available with this offer
* This offer cannot be combined with any other offer
* Dine in only – we can’t send the beer to you. It would slop all over the road with every pot hole and there’s nothing sadder than spilling beer
* You must be 21 or older to enjoy your free pint of beer

For the latest beer menu, check us out on Beer Menus

It’s a great deal as everyone knows that our fish & chips are the best in Brooklyn – and if you don’t believe us this is the perfect opportunity to come down and see for yourself!

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