What makes us the best soccer bar in NYC

We’ve made it into the top 10 of the best soccer bars in NYC, a competition sponsored by the Daily Mail and Heineken.

Now we’re moving on to the next round where we’re whittled down to just four bars. I looked at our competition and it made me think “What really makes a great soccer bar?”

I’d be crazy if I didn’t admit that there are other bars that seem to have a lot of advantages – we’re not the biggest bar, we’re not located in Midtown Manhattan where the population density is 8,000,000 per square foot (and that doesn’t even include tourists!) Our walls are not end to end flat screens, and our servers are attired so that you can come here with your children or your parents and don’t fear a “wardrobe malfunction”. We don’t have 30 tap lines and a bottled beer list that rivals Gone with the Wind in thickness.

That covers what we’re not – but what are we? What makes us the best soccer bar in NYC?

I could argue it’s the food – we’ve got the best fish & chips in Brooklyn and our burgers get rave reviews as well. And while our choice of 12 draught beers seems modest by today’s standards we have the perfect blend of sessionable beers (very important during stressful matches) and seasonal beers to keep things interesting.

At the end of the day, the one factor that makes us the BEST soccer bar in NYC is our local soccer community. It’s the die-hard supporters who travelled here from Philadelphia when Wales played Belgium in the Euros. It’s the NYCFC supporters who showed up week after week in the first year of the club when our performance was dismal (full disclosure: we are an Official Pub Partner of NYCFC). It’s the supporters that show up for the 7:45am matches. We’re not a Spurs bar, or an Arsenal bar, or a Liverpool bar, we’re a bar if you love soccer. All are welcome. Period.

And that’s what makes Longbow Pub┬áthe best soccer bar in NYC. It’s not me, it’s you.


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