Enjoy your favorite draught beer at home!

If you’ve been by recently, you may have noticed some changes behind the back bar – specifically, a whole shelf full of glass jugs with our logo on them.

Those are not just for decoration, they’re our growlers!

Before bottles and cans, if you wanted to drink beer at home you took your growler down to your local pub and filled it up with beer. Back in the day a growler was more like a pail, but that’s not exactly ideal when it comes to transporting beer, especially where spillage and carbonation are concerned.

Our 64 ounce growlers are filled straight from our taps and then immediately capped off, giving you the freshest beer possible with the least amount of waste. There are four 16 ounce pints in each growler, and the beer will last about 24 hours once you open the cap.

So the next time you call us and want a beverage with your food delivery, just let us know. The growler is $6, and each refill is $12 and up, depending on which beer you want. If you’ve already got one of our growlers at home, even better – send the growler back (clean and dry please!) with the delivery driver and we’ll take the $6 off your check.

There are a few other rules – New York state requires us to check ID upon delivery, you must order food with your growler and we cannot accept growler orders through the online services (Seamless, GrubHub, Eat24, etc). You can pay by credit card over the phone – our delivery driver will bring the check for your signature.

For our latest beer selection, click on the Beer menu and scroll down to the growler section. You can also stay up to date on our beer selection by following us on BeerMenus.com

Call us if you have any questions at 718-238-7468!

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