WOTW – Jefferson’s Ocean Bourbon

There are all sorts of gimmicks out there to try to make one bourbon or whisky stand out from the rest. And you may think this is one of them …

Jefferson’s master distiller sourced bourbon and sent it sailing for six months, calling into various ports around the globe and criss crossing the equator.

The result is no gimmick – the sloshing of the bourbon in the barrels and the exposure to the ocean air results in a darker bourbon with distinct caramel, brown sugar and vanilla. And yes, even some notes of sea salt. It seems like all that rocking to and fro helps age the bourbon that much faster. For more detailed, information, check out this article how the “motion of the ocean” speeds up the maturation process.

And with a percentage of the sales going to Ocearch, you’ll be drinking for a cause, which of course makes every beverage taste better.

Jefferson’s makes their bourbon in “ridiculously small batches” (their words, not mine) and the passion of eight generations of distilling is evident in every sip of not only this bourbon but all of their spirits.

For more information on the inspiration for this unique bourbon, click here.

As always, the Whisky of the Week is limited to one bottle, so when this is gone, it’s gone. Don’t miss out!

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