Labor Day Hours

We’re open our regular hours this weekend and then some!

Saturday we’re open at 7:45am for the Burnley v Manchester United match. The kitchen will be open by 9am. Manchester City v Stoke, West Ham v Southampton and Newcastle v Crystal Palace follow at 10am. Everton v Chelsea at 12:30pm.

Sunday we’re open at 8:30am for Spurs v Liverpool directly followed by Leicester v Arsenal at 11am. The kitchen will be open at 8:30am on Sunday.

On Labor Day we’re open at 12pm!

If the Premier League is not your thing we’ll also be showing the US Open matches, where it’s been one upset after another on the women’s side and some great tennis already all around.

So if your barbecue gets rained out or there’s not room for one more in your friend’s share by the beach or the thought of getting on the Belt Parkway or Long Island Expressway fills you with the deepest of dread (and it should), we’ll be here for you.

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