Left Hand Ambidextrous Step 7

The newest beer in the Ambidextrous Ale series from Left Hand Brewing is out – and we’ve snagged one of the thirteen kegs available in New York City! Super limited doesn’t begin describe it and needless to say (although I’m saying it anyway) once it’s gone, it’s GONE.

Step 6 was a smoked dopple Weizenbock. Step 7 is a Belgian Quadruple, coming in at a whopping 11.4% ABV. It’s bready and very aromatic, and so well-balanced that you don’t get knocked out by the alcohol on the palate. It pairs very well with Welsh rarebit or the Longbow burger, which has the rarebit cheese on one side of the brioche.

So come in and have a glass before it’s gone! For more information about Left Hand Brewing, click here.


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