Mr Katz’s Rock and Rye Whisky

Mr Katz Rock and Rye Whisky

Mr Katz’s Rock & Rye – Whisky of the Week

A spoonful of sugar does indeed help the medicine go down … especially if you’re adding rock candy to spicy rye whisky with a touch of citrus and herbs and voila! You’ve got rock n rye.

This “medicinal” concoction was historically available from your local bartender, and each saloon had their own proprietary recipe.

This week’s whisky of the week comes from the New York Distilling Company, located right here in Brooklyn. Mister Katz’s Rock and Rye is sweetened with rock sugar from In the Raw (also in Brooklyn!), with orange peel and sour cherries for balance and a touch of cinnamon to enhance the spiciness of the New York sourced young rye.

The result is truly a cocktail “for what ails you.” on a damp cold rainy day. We tried it and we all feel much better! The distillery recommends it with a dash or two of orange bitters on the rocks. We agree.

For more information on the offerings of New York Distilling Company, including recipes, an amazing rye and two unique gins, click here.

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