Not the End for Wales Football

Thank you. Diolch.

Thank you to all the Wales supporters who have been with us this month. Wales went from being a team no one had heard of to the underdog story of Euro 2016.
This is not the end.
To go from not qualifying for a tournament for 58 years all the way to the Semifinals of Euro 2016 is a major achievement, and we will see Wales again shortly in International play on September 5 when they play Moldova in a World Cup Qualifying match.
Yesterday was not the end of Wales – this tournament will be just the first step in the building of a new Wales football dynasty. It will not be decades until we see Wales on the international stage again. More like 2018.
When our team arrives back in Cardiff they can expect to be celebrated just as Iceland was on their return to Reykjavik.
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Cymru Am Byth.

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