Welsh Trivia Cup – what it is and what it’s not

Welsh Trivia Cup

What it is and what it’s not …

We’ve been getting a lot of feedback regarding tonight’s Welsh Trivia Cup such as “I don’t want to be embarrassed I don’t know that much about Wales” and “Do you mean where the princess was from?”

Good news! Tonight’s Trivia, hosted as always by Trivia NYC, consists of the usual five rounds – this day in history, an audio round, etc. The audio round will NOT be people reading Welsh words and you have to spell them. The day in history will not be “On this day what Welsh leader was killed in battle fighting the armies of Edward I?”

So now you know what it isn’t … then what is it?

The Welsh Trivia Cup is a friendly head to head battle for Trivia Supremacy between the only two Welsh pubs in New York City. FREE transportation has been generously arranged by the Snowdonia pub to get us to Astoria and back. There will be free bevvies on the bus. The prizes are Welsh themed. There’s even some whisky in there to win!

What the questions will be nobody knows. But it will encompass the usual wide range of knowledge of pop culture, literature, history, music, sports – you know, trivia!

The bus leaves Longbow at 6pm – if it’s easier for you to meet us at Snowdonia Pub that’s great – just let us know you’ll be there so we can make sure we have enough room on the bus to get everyone home.

If you can’t make it at all tonight be sure to join us tomorrow, April 5, when the trivia teams of Snowdonia travel here and the winner of the Welsh Trivia Cup is declared!

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