Yelp! What is it good for anyway?

What is the purpose of Yelp?

Supposedly Yelp! is all about crowdsourced reviews written by real people to give the public a fair and honest idea of what a business is all about. They claim to have fancy pants algorithms to help weed out “fake” reviews planted by business owners. But they do nothing about “real” reviews written by disgruntled former employees.

We reached out to them recently regarding some fake reviews that have nothing to do with our business but Yelp’s response went something along the lines of “You don’t advertise with us? Can’t help you. Sorry.”

So we ask you to write your best one star review of your experience in our pub on Yelp. Be creative! Then the next time you come in show us the review and we’ll buy you a pint.

We appreciate our loyal customers and while I’m not trying to break the Internet (we’re not trying to be Kim Kardashian and the only champagne around here goes into a flute on the bar), we won’t be bullied by some feeble¬†minded trolls (it’s redundant, I know) and if Yelp won’t help us out we will¬†help ourselves.

The best one star review written in the next ten days will be awarded a $50 gift card!

For the full story of the San Francisco restaurant in whose footsteps we proudly follow, click here.

You can find us on Yelp here.

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