Whisky of the Week – Glenfiddich 14

Whisky of the Week returns with Glenfiddich 14 – something old and something new

Glenfiddich 14 Bourbon Barrel Reserve

The classic Speyside Glenfiddich whisky gets an American twist! Matured 14 years exclusively in bourbon barrels then finished in heavy charred new American oak barrels.

The result: the Glenfiddich you know and love, but just a little bit different. Big vanilla and caramel flavors on the palate balanced by citrus and pear. A long sweet finish with touches of brown sugar.

Glenfiddich 14 year bourbon barrel reserve is a rich and sweet whisky that marries the Scottish and American whisky distilling traditions. We’ve only got one bottle so don’t miss your chance to taste it!

And … it’s certified Kosher! So you know it HAS to be good – because as Hebrew National used to say, “We answer to a higher authority.” By that of course they mean God so it’s almost like a divine stamp of approval. We’re not one to argue with that!


For the full story on the new addition to the Glenfiddich family, click here.

A little bit about Whisky of the Week (you can skip this part if you’ve already been there, done that)

Whisky of the Week is an opportunity to move out of your comfort zone without breaking the bank. It’s easy to look at a whisky list with the double digit prices and think to yourself that you’ll stick to what you know, that’s an expensive chance on a drink you might not like.

Which is why the whisky we choose is served in a one ounce tasting portion and is almost always priced at less than $10 (although on occasion we get our hands on something truly spectacular and rare and then, well, you know).

So come in and try something new – it’s a new year, it’s time for a new drink!

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