Whisky Wednesday with Highland Park

Whisky Wednesday starts this Wednesday featuring Highland Park 12 and Dark Origins!

How do you make a great whisky even better? Pair it with a great craft beer!

This is not your old man dive bar beer and a shot combo, we’re talking about Highland Park 12 and Highland Park Dark Origins, two fabulous whiskies from Orkney Island.

Lightly peated with the unique heathery peat of Orkney, the Highland Park 12 pairs perfectly with Lagunitas IPA. A sip of the whisky, smooth and honeyed with a little bit of smoke.  A sip of IPA, then the whisky again. Repeat. The citrus notes and hops in the IPA prepare your palate for the subtleties of the whisky, with the floral and smoky notes shining through.

If you’re in the mood for something a little more robust, then we recommend the Highland Park Dark Origins paired with Left Hand Fade to Black Foreign Stout. The dark cherry and chocolate in the Dark Origins complements the velvety smooth espresso and molasses in the Left Hand stout. Sip the Dark Origins again and prepare to have your mind blown.

This is the hottest trend in whisky … join us Wednesday night starting at 7pm to see why Forbes Magazine considers these beer and shot combinations “On Trend”

Click here  to read about all the Highland Park whiskies, here for info on Left Hand’s Fade to Black series, here to learn more about Lagunitas IPA.

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